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Toteboxes and Attached Lidded Containers

Our Smart Returnable Toteboxes ensure your Returnable Transit Packaging is rightfully returned back to it's correct origin in the most cost effective manor.

We subtly position the GPS hardware so it is completely inobtrusive and unnoticeable during handling and protected from impact, day-to-day wear, and tampering.

Boxes can simply be tracked via an online user-friendly mapping software with additional Geo Fence Alarming features at your disposal providing vital safeguarding against your Returnable Packaging.

We also have UN Certified plastic toteboxes for the carriage of hazardous chemicals

Jewellery Products
Sensitive Documentation
Hazardous Dangerous Goods
Textile Garments
Food Product Ingredients
Electronic Devices Merchandise
gps trackable returnable totes
Compatible with:
22 Litre Lidded Container
25 Litre Lidded Container
40 Litre Lidded Container
52 Litre Commercial Wheelie Bins
64 Litre Lidded Container
69 Litre Lidded Container
Tobacco transport
Alcohol transport

25 Litre Technical Data Sheet

64 Litre Technical Data Sheet

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