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Internet of Things (IoT)

Industry 4.0


The internet of things (IoT) is quickly becoming integral to almost every type of organisations which either uses, sells or leases physical products and equipment. IoT works by creating a virtual interconnected network of products and/or devices which can be managed and controlled digitally and therefore remotely, thus potentially eliminating a human intermediary to physically be present to operate devices. Data which arises by communicating with these web-enabled smart devices can be stored in the cloud, accessed and analysed for more accurate decision making and a better overview of how users are interacting with products.


Supply Chain Digitisation

​Our GPS tracking hardware can be installed in any type of Returnable Transit Packaging, handling equipment or asset to enable clients to directly locate its position 24 hours a day, all year round via our purpose-built web-based Google mapping software. This real-time insight means all remote equipment can be tracked continuously to ensure business operations are running smoothly and contents are protected.

As devices are powered using Lithium Manganese long-life batteries, additional sensors can be connected to our GPS technology to provide continuous real-time data to provide greater insights. For instance, we can add latitude sensors to our roll trolleys and beer kegs so clients retrieve vital notifications to alert them if the contents are not being stored or moved in the correct manner. Thus enabling them to respond with corrective action to limit damages to product and ultimately reduce costs.

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