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Roll cage and trolley repatriation Fully Managed Services

Ultimately our RFID and Live GPS tracked roll cages, stillages, trolley's and pallets reduces the chances of your fleet of returnable transit equipment being misallocated, stolen or directed elsewhere as you can track them live 24/7 and put preventative measures in place. 

However, if some of your returnable fleet is misappropriated or accidently misdirected to another unconnected location outside of your business operations then we can help return your cages and trolleys etc.


We work on your behalf by keeping watch of your entire fleet of returnable transit equipment or selected groups (depending on your requirement) to ensure that when cages etc are misdirected our Asset Protection Team are ready and waiting to rightfully collect your assets to save you time, money and resources.

The benefits are having cages pre-fitted with our GPS tracking systems is that there can be no discrepancies when chasing the company who has your cages, trolley's, stillages etc on their premises as we can immediately send live data, GPS coordinates and other supporting evidence to them to 100% prove that they are in receipt of your assets. 

4 sided GPS Roll Cage
GPS Tracked
GPS Tracked
Wheelie Bin
GPS Tracked
Pallet Stillage box
GPS Tracked
Beer Keg

Need to gain control of your fleet? Contact us for a free Trial.

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