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GPS Tracked Metal Roll Pallets and Trolley's

Our Flagship product is our GPS tracked nestable roll cages enabling organisations to track contents of each individual cage 24/7 anywhere in the world. 

Most other products on the market today are basic RFID Tags, bluetooth or GPS devices simply mounted onto the cage. The problem therefore is that they are easily identified and therefore susceptible to impact damage, theft and tampering. 

We instead embed GPS hardware into each cage so that devices are protected from the elements and more importantly, cannot be identified, tampered or deliberately damaged - they literally remain hidden in plain site.  This provides  complete piece of mind that assets and stock can be tracked in real time regardless of how remote they are 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All GPS tracked equipment is linked to a web-based online platform wherein customers can login and view all their tracked equipment on one easy to-use map. Other additional features such as Geo Fence zones, reports and tracking history can be integrated to assist in effectively monitoring their fleet.

Supermarket Customer Trolley
Mesh Laundry Cages
Royal Mail Postal Cages
Warehouse Stock Roll Pallets
Airport Luggage Trolley
Jumbo Automotive Car Part Cages
Electronic Consumer Goods Roll Pallets
Milk and Dairy Trolley
Mesh Metal Recycling Cages

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