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Clinical waste wheelie bin tracking

Clinical waste usually arises from healthcare activities, laboratories and chemical plants and can be classified as both hazardous and non-hazardous. Some types of clinical waste can pose a threat to human health or the environment, especially left untreated so it is therefore vital that infectious waste is segregated, described, classified and disposed of appropriately.

As such the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 which defines clinical waste as that which occurs from any healthcare activity, including dentistry and veterinary healthcare must be correctly packaged, handled and collected separately to other waste. 

Our Smart GPS Tracked Clinical Waste Wheelie Bins are UN approved and can track your entire clinical waste operation in real-time via latest satellite navigation systems so you can monitor your infectious refuse bins anywhere in the world to ensure they are segregated from other waste streams and kept out of harms way. 

Each clinical wheelie bin is fitted with a hardwearing GPS Device which is powered using a long-life lithium pouch battery which periodically sends location pings at set intervals to a web-based GPS tracking portal where users can log in and view their entire fleet of infectious refuse skips and bins. 

Our GPS tracking technology can be precast into the clinical bins at the production stage or retrofitted into refurbished bins depending on customer requirements. Each GPS device is completely unobtrusive so that it cannot be identified and tampered with and waste bins do not need to be scanned in order to obtain a location signal.

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Compatible with:
240 Litre Domestic Bins
360 Litre Domestic Bins
660 Litre Commercial Wheelie Bins
770 Litre Commercial Wheelie Bins
1100 Litre Commercial Wheelie Bins
Confidential Waste
Electrical E-Waste
(WEEE) Recycling
Paper Cardboard Waste
Glass Recycling
Precious Metal Recycling
Hazardous Chemical Waste
Clinical Bio-Waste
Plastic Waste Recycling
Battery Waste

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