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GPS Tracked Beer Kegs and Casks.

Save time, resources, hassle, and money on repatriating your beer kegs and casks.

Each Year Breweries loose millions of pounds through misallocation and theft of beer kegs, casks, cylinders, and containers.

Our Smart cask technology mightily reduces this expensive industry wide problem by installing live GPS tracking hardware, which functions remotely for up to a year on one single charge, in the harshest of environments.

Each Beer Keg can be pinpointed on a web-based mapping software which shows its exact location anywhere in the world and provides full chain of custody.

Moreover, Geo Fence zones can be set to ensure any cask/keg which is moved without prior knowledge will send a direct location alert to the end user.

What’s more our hardware can operate uninterrupted by metal and does not need to be recharged!


Have a project in mind? Contact us for a free Trial.

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