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Smart GPS Tracked Pallets

Most industries require the use of Returnable Transit Packaging to transport goods to both internal and customer locations. By far the most popular type of RTP are UK and Euro sized pallets which are used in virtually in every type of business. However many pallets often get lost or stolen causing huge financial and time losses to company's, espeically pallets carrying high value goods.


Our Smart GPS Tracked Pallets enable organisations to track all their high value freight, inventory and assets live via our online mapping software which provides live coordinates of where your goods are whilst in transit which you can view on Google Maps.

We fit our devices to wooden pallets, plastic pallets and metal pallets to provide a wide range of options so that they can track any type of goods depending on the size and weight of the load. The average battery life of a GPS pallet lasts for up to 18 months on a single charge, enabling goods to be tracked remotely for extensive periods without fear of devices failing. 

Our devices are incredibly robust and versatile so can be fitted within a standard UK pallet or Euro Size Pallet (EPAL-pallet), safely tucked away from potential damage from general use i.e. Material Handling Equipment. 

Having part of your pallet fleet GPS tracked will enable you to repatriate pallets much quicker and safeguard high value assets and inventory whilst in transit both internationally and domestically whilst giving you a complete audit trail of your pallets entire journey.


Low Discharge Rate
Performs in Extreme Temperatures
Compact Design
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