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RFID Ready Returnable Transit Equipment

Ultra High Frequency RFID Technology. 

We install UHF RFID tags and chips which work in conjunction with our GPS technology.

RFID is a passive technology which works within a shorter read range and requires a reader or scanner to receive a location position and therefore cannot perform remotely independently of a gateway.

Despite its outdoor limits however, it is more suited to enclosed indoor environments where GPS signals may be limited or blocked. Therefore, if RFID scanning apparatus has already been installed in customers facilities, it can simply be programmed to emit a signal when it passes each scanner, perfection for receiving continuous motion signals i.e. a manufacturing production line.

As RFID chips do not require battery power they can remain in each piece of equipment for the entire life span of the equipment and will perform interrupted. This means that Equipment can interact with both GPS and RFID technology with the RFID chip providing separate use cases or as a stand-in replacement when GPS devices cannot emit and receive a signal.

When the RFID chip responds with a signal it can function similar to the GPS device in that it will provide a marker on the web-based mapping software with it location and coordinates.

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