Most manufacturers and logistics companies utilise reusable transport items (RTIs) to move goods from one location to another within their own premises, or up and down the supply chain.

This can include all kinds for transportation packaging assets that are re-used including containers, plastic bins, tote boxes, roll cages, pallets, metal stillages, wheeled trolleys and production trays.





Multiple use cases across Multiple Industries. 

Keeping track of your roll carts can be challenging, especially when logging their location depends on manual processes like scanning. commonly carts can often land in the wrong location or cannot be found or swapped with cages which aren't your own. The movement of goods has increasingly become a much more complex task and as such monitoring cage fleets have reached new levels of difficulty. Each year therefore, hundreds of thousands of cages are displaced many more thousands are needlessly broken which causes extra cost pressures on businesses. Our disruptive technology has for the first time enabled business across many sectors of the supply chain obtain information otherwise unattainable and thus avert potential risk factors i.e. theft, displacement or damages 


Reduces disputes between trading partners  

Prevents your assets getting lost or stolen

Identifies shortages or oversized stock for better management

Create Geo fencing zoning breach alert areas

Prevents your assets getting lost or stolen

Identifies shortages or oversized stock for better management

Having the ability to ingtegrate a closed RFID and/or GPS system into our SmartCages gives our clients either the best of both worlds or the option to choose which system which most suits there requirements - whether they are more price focused, real-time focuses or data focused we can combine a package that works for you. 

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- Software Solutions


Our patented technology has enabled companies from many aspects of the supply chain to successfully monitor their high-value goods via our GPS SmartCages™ in real time with complete piece of mind that they can track and protect their assets/stock regardless of how remote they are 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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