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Commercial & Domestic Wheelie Bin  GPS Tracking

We are partnered with waste management companies in the UK which require a complete tracking solution to monitor their fleet of commercial and domestic wheelie refuse bins on remote customer premises in the UK.

Our services help increase costly bin retention rates whilst especially protecting high value waste i.e. metal, WEEE waste or confidential waste from being misallocated or mixed with other less value waste streams.

We are often able to retro fit wheelie bins with GPS technology too so there is no need to replace your entire fleet and spend large sums of money! Instead we simply phase in our hardware as-and-when your waste wheelie bins are returned so there is little disruption to your day-to-day activities. 

Alternatively, our robust supply chain network enables us to source waste wheelie bins at the lowest price often from local manufacturers which use recycled plastic materials. We then integrate our tracking technology during the latter stages of production so refuse wheelie bins come complete and ready to be tracked in real-time.

There is nothing to do on your part other than log in via the online GPS mapping platform and begin tracking your waste wheelie bins in real-time.

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-08 at 11.38.13.jpeg
Compatible with:
240 Litre Domestic Bins
360 Litre Domestic Bins
660 Litre Commercial Wheelie Bins
770 Litre Commercial Wheelie Bins
1100 Litre Commercial Wheelie Bins
Confidential Waste
Electrical E-Waste
(WEEE) Recycling
Paper Cardboard Waste
Glass Recycling
Precious Metal Recycling
Hazardous Chemical Waste
Clinical Bio-Waste
Plastic Waste Recycling
Battery Waste

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