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Vertical Supply chain

At SmartCart we are establishing ourselves as a leader  within smart commercial handling equipment. Our innovative products have been well received by a wide range of industrial and commercial companies across the UK and internationally i.e. manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, healthcare and many more.

Being part of the Acris Group - a supply chain based company, we experienced  many problems companies have when it comes to retaining handling equipment, namely cages, stillages and carts up and down the supply chain. Many cross chain disputes amongst companies were frequent as equipment was either often unintentionally misplaced, unknowingly relocated or damaged etc and keeping track of the last known location would be a difficult task. Therefore companies (us included) would be on the receiving end of these losses and thus we decided to solve the issue which costs businesses hundred of thousands, if not millions per year. Coupled with this was that many clients i.e. from the healthcare sector wanted a more secure way of transporting and monitoring sensitive and/or valuable assets on and offsite, with peace of mind they had round the clock access to big data during their transition through the supply chain.

As a systems integrator

We used our in-depth knowledge and experience of different hardware and software technologies to create a bespoke solution that our clients. Our experience and technical know-how ensure clients receive the very best advice from a supplier you can rely on.

Our clients can also rest assured that we provide full support service so you can get help when you need it the most.

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