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GPS tracked plastic pallet hood lid.

Smart plastic Pallet Lids can be placed on top of the contents of any standard UK or Euro size pallet. 

The GPS hardware is moulded onto the underside of the pallet lid protecting it from tampering, theft and water ingress. The Lithium battery is encased in plastic and can last for up to 3 years on one single charge.


The 4 woven strapping points lock onto the pallet via the steel hooks to create a fixed seal around the goods. Each Strap can be tightened via the ratchet mechanism to secure each load within seconds reducing time spent wrapping pallets with shrink wrap and cutting overall shrink wrap usage. 

Automotive Component Parts
Electronic Consumer Goods
Paper Cardboard Products.
Compatible with:
Standard UK Pallet
Euro Pallet
Half Euro Pallet
Smart Cart Pallet Lid Stack .png
Industrial Macinary Components
Ingredients and foodstuffs
Textile Garments
GPS Pallet Lid Spec Sheet

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