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Retro-fitting your fleet of Returnable Transit Equipment.

Connecting all your returnable transit equipment and packaging to the internet of things doesn't have to be a major expense to your company and doesn't necessarily require a full overhaul of all your existing equipment and infrastructure.

Instead we can install our GPS hardware into your existing assets and equipment incrementally to avoid disruption to your day-to-day operations.


For smaller returnables i.e. cages, trolley's, bins and toteboxes we can arrange for them to be collected in smaller batches by our own internal delivery team, fitted and returned in a timely manner so they can be integrated back into your fleet with a little downtime as possible. 

Alternatively we can arrange for larger assets such as skips, roll-on-roll-off containers (RORO) and trailers to be fitted with GPS hardware by our mobile technicians who will visit your site on a set time and date and carry out all necessary works with minimal interferance.

4 sided GPS Roll Cage
GPS Tracked
GPS Tracked
Wheelie Bin
GPS Tracked
Pallet Stillage box
GPS Tracked
Beer Keg

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