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4-sided mesh metal Nestable Security Cage Trolley.


Our GPS tracked roll cages and trollies allow you to track your returnable transit equipment, assets and inventory 24/7 to prevent financial losses, time and resources!


Our nestable roll cages are fitted with GPS tracking devices which are embedded into each cage so that hardware is protected physical elements i.e. moisture, dust and extreme temperatures but more importantly, cannot be identified, tampered or deliberately damaged - completely out of sight.


Each cage and trolley can be tracked via GPS on our web-based online software platform in real-time. Simply Log in and check location and status of your Returnable Transit Equipment. 


Create Geo-fence locations and points of interest (POI) and send notifications via email or text for movement alerts. View historic travel data so you always know where your cages have been and are headed. 


Each roll cage has a steel rod base which folds both up and down along with a resting shelf which fold down. Each side and attached front door fold inwards and tuck into place to meet the back frame allowing multiple cages to nest in one another.


The bottom heavy duty A-frame supports the cage and has 4 Nylon pre-fitted castors which can carry up to 300kg in weight.


Perfect for transporting high value assets, stock and equipment as they are incredibly durable and manufactured using premium steel mesh.

GPS Tracked Roll Cage Trolley

  • 4-sided mesh steel security cage.

    Dimensions: Width 735mm x Depth 840mm x Height 1680mm.

    Carry up to 300kg in weight.

    Comes with a Shelf.

    Fitted with GPS Tracking device with up to 1 year battery life.



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