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GPS Trackable 25 Litre Mini Lidded Totebox


Our GPS Trackable 25 Litre Mini Lidded Totebox allows you to track your returnable transit equipment, assets and inventory 24/7 to prevent financial losses, time and resources! 


GPS-tracked returnable tote boxes ensure that all of your returnable transit packaging (RTP) and any of its contents are returned to you if it is lost or misplaced in the most effective manner. Using only the highest quality materials and installing the GPS in a discreet location to prevent it from tampering or damage. 


Each totebox can be tracked via GPS on our web-based online software platform in real-time. Simply Log in and check location and status of your Returnable Transit Equipment.  


Create Geo-fence locations and points of interest (POI) and send notifications via email or text for movement alerts. View historic travel data so you always know where your toteboxes have been and are headed. 


Toteboxes have many useful features including, non-slip ribbing on the lid assures banding is secure, a textured base which is designed to prevent unwanted movement on conveyor systems which can cause delays in automation lines, secure hinge pin increasing the level of security protecting high value goods within the totebox, and to make label removal easier and faster there is a ribbed area on the side. 


The lid folds back and sits completely flush with the sides to prevent overhang when nesting. Compatible with Security seals available for various levels of security requirements. Solid plastic moulded handles with an integrated label place holder. 


We also have UN Certified plastic toteboxes for the carriage of hazardous chemicals. 

GPS Trackable 25 Litre Mini Lidded Totebox

Color: Black
  • Mini Lidded Totebox. 

    Dimensions: 400mm x 300mm x 306mm 

    Made from High impact polypropylene 

    35kg maximum holding weight. 

    The strong interlocking lid can withstand 125kg of stacked weight 

    Conforms to EN840 and directive 2000/14/EC - CE symbol and appropriate decibel level. 

    Fitted with GPS Hardware with Lithium battery for up to 1 year use. 

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