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Our GPS GPS Trackable Heavy Duty Pallet Lid allows you to track your returnable transit equipment, assets and inventory 24/7 to prevent financial losses, time and resources! 


Heavy Duty Pallet Lids are fitted with GPS tracking devices which are embedded into each lid so that the hardware is protected from physical elements i.e. moisture, dust and extreme temperatures but more importantly, cannot be identified, tampered, or deliberately damaged - completely out of sight. 


Each lid can be tracked via GPS on our web-based online software platform in real-time. Simply Log in and check location and status of your Returnable Transit Equipment.  


Create Geo-fence locations and points of interest (POI) and send notifications via email or text for movement alerts. View historic travel data so you always know where your pallet lids been and are headed. 


Smart plastic Pallet Lids can be placed on top of the contents of any standard UK or Euro size pallet.  


The GPS hardware is molded onto the underside of the pallet lid protecting it from tampering, theft and water ingress. The Lithium battery is encased in plastic and can last for up to 3 years on one single charge. 


The 4 woven strapping points lock onto the pallet via the steel hooks to create a fixed seal around the goods. Each Strap can be tightened via the ratchet mechanism to secure each load within seconds reducing time spent wrapping pallets with shrink wrap and cutting overall shrink wrap usage. 

GPS Trackable Heavy Duty Pallet Lid

Color: Black
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Lid. 

    Dimensions: 227 x 1027 x 100 

    Conforms to EN840 and directive 2000/14/EC - CE symbol and appropriate decibel level. 

    Fitted with GPS Tracking device with up to 1 year battery life. 

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