Creating a Smart IoT ecosystem

Track and Trace your assets anywhere in the world using
our live GPS Roll cages and pallets. 

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Cloud Based Tracking Software


Create multiple user accounts via our online customer web portal and monitor your entire fleet of handling equipment displayed on a user friendly interface.

Set push notifications and Geo fence zones so you can be alerted to any unusual behaviour. Access historical data and view live reports to optimise how effectively your equipment works for you. 


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Creating a global IoT network across multiple industry sectors

Helping Retail businesses retain and safeguard their assets.


Keeping track of assets whilst in transit.


Helping companies analyse how, when and where their equipment is being utilised. 


Keeping the supply chain sustainable. 


We supply both new and used handling equipment pre-fitted with the latest GPS Tracking hardware and most advanced long-life batteries available on todays market.

Our devices are incredibly versatile and hardwearing so can be fitted to many bespoke and off-the-shelf handling equipment. It also provides customers with the option to track their assets, merchandise and stock by stealth or display as a deterrent to ward off protentional threats.


Improve Fleet Management

Tap into any container 24/7 and monitor its journey and position any where in the world.

Unlimited Application

Almost any asset or application that requires real-time data can join the network.

Intelligent Data

Allows users to scale their network globally without limitations and create a private data and security network.

Reduced Costs

Joining the network is simple and could save your organisation hundreds of thousands per year.


Smart Supply Chain Solutions

70% of all businesses globally are in some way connected to the supply chain.

Our new innovative Smart Cart solutions integrates the latest GPS  technology, to help organisations monitor their (and their clients) assets/goods whilst simultaneously preventing the loss of capital otherwise occurring via theft, damage or loss. 

Our SmartCart containers can be used as a standalone tool or part of a wider tracking solution, with real-time and historical data viewed via a web-based online system or mobile application. Reports are available to schedule automatically on a recurring basis so you are always kept in the loop. 

The closed, compact and robust tracker design means the devices are concealed out of sight and protected from ingress of water/moisture and from misuse. They can also withstand heavy load and vibration, perfect for any climate.

Internet of Things | Industry 4.0

IoT is a commonplace term which is changing the fundamentals of how businesses operate from all different sectors. Our GPS RFID integration of all things carts has meant for the first time you can leverage new potentials from your cart/cage fleet.


Together with bespoke software implementation you can harness data otherwise unattainable on an always online platform whilst reducing operating costs and in some instances, reversing loses.


Our goal is to be at the forefront of a technology which is helping businesses unleash new potentials with big data gathering devices. Although still in its infancy our SmartCages are already benefiting businesses from all areas of the Supply Chain - so get in touch and see how we can help your business into industry 4.0.