Our RFID technology provides an alternative to GPS technology. Each cage-cart can be fitted with a  tag and thus detected by a small number of strategically placed readers. Advances in technology mean that it is no longer necessary to install readers at each doorway or choke point as the range is much further. Whilst isn't real-time each reader the RFID antennas pass through sends information to your database almost in real-time which eliminates the need for long battery life solutions. 

Closed Technology

Embedded within the cage meaning no components are external to the cage.


Unlike GPS technology RFID is not dependant on battery life. 

Retro Fitting

We can implement our GPS technology into your existing fleet of cages.

Device systems can be tailored to your specific requirements 

Instant Alert

Through mapping panel software users can  set Geo Fences to alert them of tampering via their phone. 

Get in touch and lets discuss your requirements. *Rental options available.